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About Us – What Is Realax Pumping?

Realax is a new force in the fluid handling industry. Bringing a new open-mindedness, dynamism and dependability to pumping. With a new, comprehensive range of peristaltic hose pumps for handling an extraordinary range of media and drawing on vast industry and application experience, realax is what you need when you need peace of mind pumping.


Realax – peace of mind pumping

The realax hose pump series offers a wide range of models in four series; APY, ISI, IP and RP. All in all, realax series consists of 24 peristaltic pump models and have capacities from 0.16 ml / rev to 20 l / rev and pressures from 2 to 15 bar. The compression of the pumps is either by shoe or roller technology. All four series are stocked with an extensive range of hoses and tubes.


The peristaltic pumps have many common properties, such as reversing the direction of rotation, high resistance to corrosion and wear, high dosing precision, dry run without damage, as well as easy cleaning and low maintenance. All realax pumps are run by a gear motor with integrated inverters and an extensive range of pump accessories.


Unique characteristics

Realax hose pumps has some unique characteristics, therefore, the pumps can be applied using the unique features for following applications:

•          Products with abrasive solids, as abrasion is no limitation and the pumps are seal-less

•          Dosing applications, as the pump has no slip and good repeatability/metering                           capability

•          High viscous liquids, as suction side the vacuum reaches up to 95%

•          High solid contents, up to 80% solids are possible in ao. mining applications

•          Potential blockage at suction port, as the pump can run both directions

•          Self priming applications, as the pump can run dry

•          Shear sensitive products, the shear in the pump is as low as <150 s-1

•          Applications with high maintenance costs, as the hose is the only wearing part and                   costs approx 10% op pump head price

•          Explosives as there is no metal to metal contact


APY Series

The smallest pumps, the realax APY series, are compressed with rollers and are designed for metering applications with low volume and low pressure. Each of these six models, weighing only 2.2 kg without motor, can be used for sampling and metering for water and wastewater treatment, dosing and measuring of ingredients and additives in the food industry, as well as for chemical and general processes.


ISI and IP Series

Likewise, the realax ISI series five and realax IP series six models, is run by compression rollers. The capacity ranges from 0,023 l / r to 13 l / rev at the pressure between 2 and 8 bar. Both models meet the requirements of various pumping applications in the paint and coating industry, food production and in all applications that require transport of sludge.


RP series

The seven models of the realax RP series is the product series workhorse. The RP-series pump, where the hose is compressed by the pressure slopes, handles a pressure up to 15 bar with capacities between 0.3 l / r and 20 l / r. Again, the realax RP series are also designed for handling sludge, chemicals and foods.


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