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Batch controller

Be in control with a batch controller

As the name tells, a batch controller is engineered to control, measure and distribute any volume of liquid while pumping. The batch controller can be applied in any industry where accurate and efficiency is vital, such as: batching, chemical packaging or dilution.


Not only will operating with a batch controller contribute with accuracy and efficiency in various industries. Seen from a safety aspect, a batch controller will also facilitate the operator from getting in contact with potential corrosive fluids by controlling the process from a safe distance.


Batch controller – how does it work?

The batch controller is the perfect facilitative accessory for any pumping industry. Operating with a user friendly interface, the PLC program offers a multiple choice of applications and specifications. Easily choose between two different working modes, converting units, calibration and languages through the practical tactile screen.


With an encoder installed on the motor, it gives 20 pulses/revolution to the PLC-system. Subsequently, the PLC translates the number of pulses into milliliters through a calibration setting, giving an immaculate precision. Connected to an inverter with a LAN cable, the PLC also allows changing the frequency through the tactile screen. The batch controller operates with the standard tension 20V / 50 Hz. / 1PH.


Working Modes:


  • In batch mode, it is required to input a predefined quantity. After doing so, the equipment automatically starts and stops when reaching the volume.


  • In continuous mode, you are able to read the instant flow and adjust to the specific flow required.

For either working mode, a total and partial counter can be used.


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