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Hose leak detector

Why to use a hose leak detector

Leakage is generally often seen as a small defect that may seem harmless while pumping. The initiation of leaks might often be assumed due to deficient installation of the system. However, leakage is mainly caused by corrosion, which initiates inside the hose and causes the hose walls to break down, eventually leading to a fracture. Even though corrosion is seen as a rather natural process, overlooking a leakage may result in a significant impact.


Leak testing is essential in numerous industries, whether it is viscous, abrasive, or shear-sensitive liquids being pumped; leakage may not only result in loosing resources and capital. Additionally, in case of chemical, fuel and refrigerant systems, leakage may cause a significant risk to the environment, system equipment and the employees.

For all reasons mentioned, the usage of a hose leakage detector is the vital solution to prevent leakage before it even occur.


Hose leak detector – How they work

The hose leak detector is operated by an electro optical sensor installed on the pump. The electro-optic sensor contains an infrared LED and a light receiver. Light from the LED is directed into a prism which forms the tip of the sensor. With no liquid present, light from the LED is reflected within the prism to the receiver. When rising liquid immerses the prism, the light is refracted out into the liquid, leaving little or no light to reach the receiver. Sensing this change, the receiver actuates electronic switching within the unit to operate an external alarm or control circuit. hose leak detector

hose leak detector


  • The ISI and IP series do not have lubricant inside the pump body; for that reason is the sensor installed at the bottom part of the pump body (in the rear side):
leak detector

Hose leak detector ISI, IP series

  • The RP series have lubricant inside, therefore, it has to be installed at a higher level than the lubricant. We use the air breather to install the sensor:
leak detector

Hose leak detector RP series

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