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Pulsation Dampener

Flexodamp pulsation dampeners – Why use them?

A pulsation dampener is the perfect pump accessory to effectively reduce or eliminate pulsation, vibration and noise in your fluid pumping system. Generally, whenever a fluid is being pumped during high pressure, vibration will occur. Additionally, when pumping in high frequency, an intense noise may also follow. The outcome of these factors is that vibration might damage the system and other components. Furthermore, and most importantly, when using a pulsation dampener, substantial maintenance and equipment replacement costs will allegedly be reduced in the long run.


Flexodamp pulsation dampeners are available in a flexible and a rigid version in sizes from 10 mm to 100 in diameters and 750 to 3500 mm in length. They are easy to assemble and have a high-class performance.


How pulsation dampeners work

The basis of how a pulsation dampener works is very simple. With a pulsation dampener in operation, thePulsation dampener compressed air existing in between the inner and outer pipes, compresses the inner pipe. When the pump creates a fluid pulsation, the inner pipe expands, filling up the volume and pushes the compressed air in a forward movement.


When the pulsation step is over, the process is repeated in an automatic way, subsequently achieving an aligPulsation dampenernment of the fluid. Since it is a completely flexible element, the pulsation dampener absorbs all the vibrations and rams bumps produced by the pump.



Flexodamp pulsation dampeners – benefits

  • Reduces or eliminates pulsation/vibrations
  • Eases the work load on the pump itself
  • Prevents pulsation for the benefit of downstream systems
  • Reduces or eliminates unwanted noise
  • Easy to assemble
  • Long-lasting and high-class performance


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