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Realax ISI Series – Peace Of Mind Pumping

The realax ISI series is suitable for tough industrial applications, optimal for pumping chemicals, up to 1,500 l/h and up to 8 bar. Realax ISI can be upgraded with controller for simplified batch control, additionally, featuring reinforced hose. The ISI series is available in five different models.

Realax ISI

Operating principle





Main characteristics realax ISI series

• Suction lift to 9 metres
• Can run dry without damage
• Seal-less
• Reversible rotation
• Resistant to abrasion
• High dosing accuracy
• Easy and economical to maintain
• Corrosion resistant
• Quiet running
• Easy to clean

realax ISI




Typical applications

Realax ISI peristaltic pumps are ideal when pumping any of the following media:
• Sludge, lime slurry, mortar, filter press feed, clay slurry, carbonates, other types of slurry, kaolin, etc.
• Paints, glues, inks, latex, pigments, oils, detergents, acids, peroxides, etc.
• Dairy products, wines, sauces, jams, liquid egg, mayonnaise, meat products, fruit juices, etc.



  • Gear-motor
  • Motor variator with gear reducer
  • Gear motor with integrated inverter
  • Pneumatic gear motor




If you have any questions regarding the realax ISI series or want to order, please contact us.



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