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Case story – Detergent manufacturer


Problem description

An Italian manufacturer of chemical detergent products for industrial cleaning faced several problems with flexible impeller pumps used for product filling. The high rotation speed of the pumps caused the product foaming. As a result, the storage tanks could therefore never be fully emptied due to pump cavitation, which caused impeller damage. Consequently for the customer, this resulted in negative financial implications due to high maintenance costs and production downtime.

Solution – realax hose pump ISI 22A13

More than a year after replacing the flexible impeller pumps with realax hose pumps ISI 22A13, no service was needed and the product downtime due to pump malfunction was non-existent. The solution behind pumping detergents with such great success is the various attributes realax pumps offers. Realax peristaltic hose pumps are seal-less and have many beneficial features such as: reversible rotation, corrosion and abrasion resistance, high dosing accuracy, dry running without damage and easy cleaning/low maintenance. For more information how realax peristaltic pumps work, press here. Pumping detergents

  • Application:      Filling 300 ml bottles with shampoo and soap.
  • Pump:               realax ISI 22A13
  • Product:           Detergents
  • Capacity:          460 l/h
  • Speed:              38 rpm
  • Pressure:          3.5 bar max
  • Viscosity:          500 – 3000 cps

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