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Case story: Directional drilling


  • Application:                Drilling mud
  • Pump:                          Realax ISI 22
  • Hose material:            Natural Rubber
  • Speed:                         17 rpm
  • Pressure:                      1 Bar
  • Temperature:              30°C, occasionally up to 60°C
  • Viscosity:                      7,000 cP
  • Abrasive/solids:           Drilling Mud / up to 3mm

ISI series pumping mud

All five-models in realax ISI series are roller compression pumps and offer users capacity up to 1,500 l/h and up to 8 bar, making it optimal for pumping all types of viscous media, including mud, mortar and sludge. For detailed specifications about the realax ISI series, click here. Also, find out more information how realax peristaltic pumps operates, see how they work.



Do you want to know more about specific applications for this type of media, please contact your local realax expert, here.


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