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Water treatment on ships

Case story: Passenger ship operator


  • Application:                    Sewage treatment on passenger ships
  • Pump:                              Realax IP 70 on a trolley
  • Viscosity:                         Varying viscosity
  • Abrasive/solids:              High percentage of solids
  • Requirements:                Pump should be mobile to move from ship to ship

With the ease of use, ease of maintenance, low operating and maintenance costs and the mobility of the pump, using the realax IP 70 made it the ideal solution for the customer.


All models in realax IP series are roller compression pumps and meet the requirement of the many pumping applications encountered in the paints/finishings and coatings industry, food production and where applications require sludges and slurries to be transferred. For more information about realax peristaltic pumps, see how they work. For specifications about the realax IP series, click here.



Case story: Marine water control


  • Application:                   Bilge-, sludge-, grey- and black water treatment on board of ships
  • Pumped media:            Bilge water with solids, feed to decanter
  • Pump type:                    Realax RP60 with frequency inverter, special drive for marine                                                     application, customised pump hose coating
  • Hose material:               NBR
  • Speed:                            1-16 rpm (low flow) and 2-32 rpm (high flow)
  • Pressure:                        4-8 bar
  • Temperature:                Ambient
  • Viscosity:                        Water with solids
  • Abrasive/solids:             20% solids, sg=1.2


The seven-model RP Series is the toughest realax peristaltic pump. Being a shoe compression pump it operates at pressures up to 15 bar and capacity rates of between 0.3l/rev and 20l/rev. Find out more about the realax RP series here.


Do you want to know more about specific applications for this type of media, please contact your local realax expert, here.


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