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Case story: Water and wastewater treatment plants


Areas of application

Transfer and dosing of lime milk and ACP, sludge, iron chloride, lixiviat. Sampling of treated water and chlorine water. Injection of bisulfite. Pumping of grease, wastewater with grease, oil and phosphoric acid and water with sand.


Models from all four realax peristaltic pump series – the APY, ISI, IP and RP – are successfully used in these applications. Employing both shoe and roller technologies realax pump range gives capacity rates from 0.16ml/rev through to 20l/rev and pressures from 2 to 15 bar. All four series come with a comprehensive range of hoses. For more information, see how they work or look into all different pump models.

Pumping wastewater

realax RP 25 dosing of activated carbon.


Advantages of realax peristaltic hose pumps in water and wastewater applications

  • Large capacity range
  • Low cost and low maintenance. Only one wearing part to be replaced – the hose.
  • Lower speed than progressive cavity and lobes pumps means soft action and less wear. All realax peristaltic hose pumps are self-priming.
  • Discharge pressure up to 15 bar
  • Reversible rotation
  • Can run dry
  • Many options:  hose leak detector, HALAR internal and external coating on casing and cover,
  • ATEX versions available.
realax pumping lime milk

HALAR coating on realax ISI 16 for lime milk or ferric chloride

realax wastewater pump



Do you want to know more about specific applications for this type of media, please contact your local realax expert, here.


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