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With our specially designed peristaltic pumps, you can precisely dispense any fluids commonly utilized in the food industry, regardless of their composition, whether they include suspended particles, have high thickness, exhibit gaseous properties, or a combination of these characteristics.

Additionally, our large peristaltic pumps find frequent use in transferring products during manufacturing, storage, and transportation processes, as well as in filtration and solids separation procedures.

For example, a variety of colorants, additives, or solutions can be accurately metered using peristaltic pumps, including applications like filtering diatomaceous earth or gently transferring shear-sensitive media like algae.

Our versatile peristaltic pumps are adept at handling a broad spectrum of products, ranging from those with higher viscosities like dairy items, honey, sauces, jams, fruit concentrates, and syrups, to substances requiring the use of rubber-coated rotors, such as vegetable oils, molasses, fats, and similar materials.

realAx APY Series
Industrial tube pumps with 3 roller design and high dosing accuracy.
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realAx IP Series
Heavy duty roller hose pumps for applications with medium/high flows.
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realAx ISI Series
Dosing pumps with roller design for heavy duty applications.
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realAx RP Series
Heavy duty hose pumps with shoe design for applications with medium/high flows.
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