Norprene Tubes & Hoses

NORPRENE A60F and NORPRENE A60G are both thermoplastic food grade tubes designed for specific series and models. NORPRENE A60F is exclusively available for APY series, ISI series, and IP-40 model, offering a maximum pressure of 2 bars and a working temperature of up to 120°C. It boasts a broad range of chemical compatibility and is highly resistant to CIP (cleaning process), making it particularly advantageous for food applications.

On the other hand, NORPRENE A60G is tailored for the APY series and stands out as the preferred choice due to its exceptional long lifespan. With a temperature resistance of 120°C and a wide range of chemical compatibility, it delivers reliable performance in various conditions. Both tubes offer excellent options for their respective series, catering to diverse needs and ensuring quality and reliability in their applications.

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