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Explore unmatched versatility in fluid handling with realAx peristaltic pumps. Designed to handle a wide spectrum of media including viscous liquids, abrasive slurries, corrosive chemicals, and shear-sensitive substances, our pumps redefine efficiency and precision. With realAx, you can trust seamless, contamination-free transfers, ensuring the integrity of your materials. 

It might be more relevant to ask: what can’t you pump with realAx peristaltic pumps?

Laboratory Equipment and Periodic Table


Handling acids can be a difficult task. Most acids demand corrosion-resistant materials to withstand the medium. Acids also require stringent safety measures.



The gentle pumping action of peristaltic pumps is particularly beneficial for shear-sensitive materials like butter, ensuring that the product remains intact without compromising its texture or quality.

Close up of washing powder with blue granules


Peristaltic pumps offer gentle, contamination-free handling, preserving detergent quality. Their corrosion-resistant design ensures safe and efficient transfers, making them an ideal choice for the task.

Drop from tube of glue


realAx offer precise, low-shear handling, preserving glue quality. Their sturdy design guarantees secure and efficient transfers, making them the ideal choice for glue-related tasks



realAx peristaltic pumps provide meticulous, low-shear handling, safeguarding jam quality. Making them the ultimate choice for jam-related applications.


Fruit Juices

Ensuring the precise pumping of fruit juices is crucial. Peristaltic pumps deliver accurate, gentle handling, preserving the natural essence of the juices.



Kaolin is a fine clay mineral used in various industrial applications, due to its natural properties. Pumping kaolin presents challenges due to its high viscosity and tendency to form abrasive slurries.

Pair of blue, wrinkled surgical gloves against white background. No selection made.


Latex is a milky fluid derived from rubber trees and used in making various products like gloves, balloons, and adhesives due to its flexibility and elasticity. Pumping latex presents challenges due to its high viscosity, shear sensitivity, and tendency to coagulate

Liquid eggs

Liguid eggs

Liquid eggs are pre-cracked and pasteurized for cooking and baking convenience. Pumping them challenges due to viscosity and foaming, requiring specialized techniques for efficient processing.



Mortar is a mixture of cement, sand, and water used in construction for bonding bricks and stones. Pumping mortar poses challenges due to its high viscosity and abrasive nature.



Pumping mustard presents challenges due to its thick and grainy texture, requiring pumps designed to handle viscous substances without clogging, ensuring smooth and efficient processing.



Pumping paint poses challenges due to its varying viscosity, particulate content, and sensitivity to air exposure, requiring pumps capable of handling different paint formulations without clogging or compromising quality.

Color pigments


Pigments are finely ground, colored particles used to impart color to various materials, including paints, inks, and cosmetics. Pumping pigments presents challenges due to their high density and tendency to settle.



Polymers are large molecules composed of repeating structural units, forming various materials like plastics, rubbers, and adhesives. Pumping polymers poses challenges due to their high viscosity, shear sensitivity, and tendency to form long chains.



Potash, or potassium carbonate, is a mineral salt commonly used in fertilizers and various industrial applications. Pumping potash presents challenges due to its high viscosity and abrasive nature.



Pumping pharmaceuticals presents challenges due to their diverse viscosities, shear sensitivity, and the need for precise dosing, demanding pumps designed to handle various formulations without contamination or alteration of the medication.

Pulp and paper


Pulp refers to a fibrous mixture created by crushing and processing raw materials like wood, paper, or agricultural products. Pumping pulp presents challenges due to its high consistency, varying fiber sizes, and tendency to cause abrasion and wear in pumps.

wastewater slurry


Slurry is a semi-liquid mixture composed of solid particles suspended in a liquid, often used in industrial processes like mining and wastewater treatment. Pumping slurry poses challenges due to their high viscosity, abrasive nature, and potential for clogging.

Pink childs medicine measured into a spoon


Syrup is a thick, sweet liquid made by dissolving sugar in water, often flavored and used in beverages, desserts, and pharmaceuticals. Pumping syrup poses challenges due to its high viscosity and sticky nature.

Orange spilled paint


Resin is a synthetic or natural compound with a viscous or solid consistency, used in various industries for adhesives, coatings, and molding processes. Pumping resin present challenges due to their varying viscosities, air sensitivity, and potential for curing or hardening.

realAx APY Series
Industrial tube pumps with 3 roller design and high dosing accuracy.
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Heavy duty roller hose pumps for applications with medium/high flows.
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Dosing umps with roller design for heavy duty applications.
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Heavy duty hose pumps with shoe design for applications with medium/high flows.
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