realAx APY Series

The simplicity of the operating principle of the realAx APY peristaltic pump brings some distinct advantages. A tube made from any of a variety of materials depending on the medium being pumped is housed in the pump body. The action of the pump rotor and its rollers compresses the hose as it moves round. The vacuum caused behind the roller sucks the fluid into the tube. Then the following roller gently pushes the fluid towards the outlet.

Main characteristics

  • Suction lift to 6 metres
  • Easy and economical to maintain
  • Can run dry without damage
  • Seal-less
  • Reversible rotation
  • High dosing accuracy
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Sanitary design
  • Different tube diameters available
  • Handles flows up to 1500 ml/min
  • Pressure up to 2 bar

Inquiries and quotations

For any inquiries or quotations regarding realAx peristaltic pumps, AxFlow is our exclusive distributor. Our team is ready to assist you with any questions you may have about realAx products. To get in touch, please contact your local realAx distributor. We are here to provide you with the information and support you need for your peristaltic pump requirements.

Typical applications

realAx APY dosing pumps find their ideal applications in a wide range of industries and sectors. Whether it’s water and sewage treatment, food and beverage, chemical industry, or other specialized fields, these pumps deliver precise and efficient performance.

Water and Sewage Treatment: In the realm of water and sewage treatment, peristaltic dosing pumps shine in various tasks. From sampling to chemical dosing, they handle substances like phyenyl chloride, sodium hypochlorite, sodium bisulphite, and more. They excel in dosing abrasive products such as lime slurry, carbon slurry, potassium permanganate, as well as polymers and aqueous ammonia.

Food and Beverage: Peristaltic dosing pumps play a crucial role in the food and beverage industry, ensuring accurate dosing of additives, dairy products, bakery items, juices, enzymes, and syrups. With their precision and reliability, these pumps contribute to the production of high-quality food and beverage products.

Chemical Industry: The chemical industry benefits greatly from peristaltic dosing pumps. They are ideal for metering coatings, pigments, latex, glue, acids, ink, oils, resins, and antifoam applications. These pumps provide the necessary precision and control required for a wide range of chemical dosing needs.

Other Industries: Peristaltic dosing pumps have extensive applications beyond the aforementioned sectors. They find their place in laboratories, pulp and paper manufacturing, ceramics production, agriculture, mining operations, pharmaceuticals, as well as print and packaging industries. Their versatility and reliability make them indispensable tools in these diverse fields.

When it comes to meeting your dosing requirements, peristaltic dosing pumps offer exceptional performance and flexibility. With their ability to handle different substances and deliver precise metering, these pumps ensure optimal dosing results. Whether you’re in water treatment, food production, chemical manufacturing, or any other industry, peristaltic dosing pumps are a reliable choice.

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